lighting for community spaces

Architectural lighting in a community space

Does your village or parish hall need some lighting love? This year, we’ve had more clients than ever looking to inject some personality, warmth and controllability into these much loved and much used community spaces.

Community venues come in all shapes, sizes and architectural styles, so the lighting needs to be adaptable. This means using different types of lighting, rather than trying to achieve everything with a single type of light fitting. As halls are multi-use spaces the lighting needs to be flexible to address all the different uses required. The priority is to make sure that there is the right amount and placement of lighting for people to do sport, hobbies, social groups, meetings, film nights and be an attractive venue to hire for parties.

In many cases lighting isn’t going to be a feature, it just needs to be there – unobtrusive, energy efficient and in keeping with the building design. No badminton player wants to be dazzled by glare when taking a shot or lose the shuttlecock behind a low-hanging fixture. Artists need dispersed daylight quality light. Meetings and hobby/crafters need task lighting and meeting attendees need lighting to effectively read, write and even host zoom calls. And, as for parties you need to create ambience, an atmosphere and sense of fun.

Controls are strongly recommended with the primary requirement that the system must be simple to use. With so many different people using and hiring rooms or halls, the system needs to be easy to explain and everyone needs to be able to set the lighting to suit their purposes. So, if your hall needs to be seen in a new light, look at the lighting to give your community space a brighter future.

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