smart lighting gets affordable

Cascade pendant of filament bulbs

When the first UK lockdown began in Spring 2020, millions of people switched their company offices for home offices. This shone a spotlight on home office lighting with one of the most important aspects being the ability to switch lighting from work to home mode.

We are often asked about lighting control systems and a recent disrupter technology, BLE, is changing the market and making control functionality much more affordable. So, what do you need to know about BLE…

Bluetooth Low Energy and the Bluetooth Mesh Network are increasingly attractive options for smart lighting. Controlled through a phone app. (or using wireless switches) scenes can be pre-set for a combination of lights to set a mood or turn different/all light on, off or dim. You can start small with one area of your house or garden, adding more as your budget allows or as your needs change.

BLE has a number of compelling advantages, not shared by other, more traditional networks, and it is the only low power wireless technology found in all modern smartphones, tablets and even smart watches, making it the only mainstream and future-proof low power radio technology in the world. This means that no hub is required between the control device and the network, saving costs compared with other networks and Wi-Fi. BLE is also more robust, and less prone to interference than other networks.

You don’t have to put up with poor or inadequate lighting. So, if your lighting isn’t what you need or want, call us and we can help put you in control of your lighting.

All of our services can be conducted remotely by phone, video calls and using online collaboration tools.

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