do you need a lighting designer?

Open plan dining space different lighting types such as pendants and wall lights.

You’re probably interested in lighting design if you’re reading this. However, you may never have used a lighting designer / lighting consultant or know the way a lighting designer works. Read on to find out what you need to know…to make the most of this essential service on your home renovation project. Involve your lighting […]

zoom in on lighting yourself

Zoom logo with lights sparkling in the background

It doesn’t take too much effort to put across a good, clear image in a Zoom call, video or Facebook Live, even with the kind of standard webcam technology that comes on your average laptop or tablet.   Just like our eyes, cameras need light to render a good image. When there’s not enough light, too […]

lighting your outdoor spaces

Lighting highlights landscaped garden features

We know it’s Autumn at Light My Space when we see a big increase in requests for garden and landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can enhance the ambience of your exterior spaces as much as the planting, ornaments and water features. There are countless lighting options available to create different effects depending on what you want […]

eco lighting conditions for planning

Bat in flight foraging at night

Where bats are suspected as being present in the area you have selected for development, building or landscaping work, you should seek ecological advice in advance of any lighting design or fixing of any scheme layout. Even if you are not in an AONB (Area of Natural Beauty) or designated Dark Skies area, it is […]

lighting for community spaces

Architectural lighting in a community space

Does your village or parish hall need some lighting love? This year, we’ve had more clients than ever looking to inject some personality, warmth and controllability into these much loved and much used community spaces. Community venues come in all shapes, sizes and architectural styles, so the lighting needs to be adaptable. This means using […]

smart lighting gets affordable

Cascade pendant of filament bulbs

When the first UK lockdown began in Spring 2020, millions of people switched their company offices for home offices. This shone a spotlight on home office lighting with one of the most important aspects being the ability to switch lighting from work to home mode. We are often asked about lighting control systems and a […]

dimming lights may cost MORE

Four light bulbs showing stages of dimming

An easy test to see if you’re wasting power is by touch. If your dimmer feels warm/hot after a few minutes of being on, it may not be saving you money… And, like anything in your home, if the dimmer switches aren’t functioning properly it can be annoying or even concerning. Installing dimmer switches is […]

are cheap LEDs a good deal?

LED strip loops in rainbow colours

Price is often the main consideration when making a purchase and this also applies to LED strips or tape. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s important to consider all factors that contribute to the price of LED tape to ensure that it meets your needs and will last for […]